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The Proof of Evolution blog is a Christian blog bringing you interesting and current news about evolution, as well as each new page from the Proof of Evolution web site.

I believe the most powerful testimony to Christ is in the life of Christians. We don't need scientific evidence for God, as the tremendous power of Christians united in service to God overthrows every argument against him.

As a result, we Christians should be able to be honest with science. At some point, we are going to have to face the overwhelming evidence for evolution, knowing that Jesus Christ is the Truth. He is not afraid of the truth; he is the Truth.

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Jan 02, 2014

Paul Pavao Qualifications

What qualifications are necessary to discuss evolution versus creationism or to write a web site on the subject?

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Dec 14, 2013

Short Answers to Creationists

These are answers to creationist questions or arguments that only take a paragraph or two to answer.

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Dec 14, 2013

Trees and the Age of the Earth

There are no trees older than 4400 years, I was told. Is this evidence for a young earth and a global flood?

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Dec 14, 2013

Is the Earth's Rotation Slowing

Is the earth's rotation slowing? Yes, it is, but it provides no evidence against an old earth.

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Dec 14, 2013

Polystrate Fossils and Trees

There are numerous polystrate fossils, mostly trees, that protrude through several strata of the geologic column? Is it really possible these trees survived while being buried for millions of years?

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Nov 13, 2013

Lying for Jesus: Walter Brown on the Grand Canyon

As a Christian, I am embarrassed by creationist dishonesty. Here Walter Brown practices lying for Jesus in a discussion of the Grand Canyon

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Nov 13, 2013

Evolution of a Creationist

A review of and response to the book, The Evolution of a Creationist.

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Oct 28, 2013

Questions for Evolutionists

Lists of questions of evolutionists have been circulating the internet, proving only that creationists have not taken the time to understand or research evolution themselves.

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Oct 22, 2013

Specified Complexity

Specified complexity is the argument that evolution cannot explain how complex, successful organisms arose.

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Oct 08, 2013

Answering Harun Yahya's "Collapse of Darwinism"

One more reader suggested a video that would surely overturn my belief in evolution. One more time, the video was simply a subject list of anti-evolutionist errors.

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There is something outrageous about such a huge body of evidence being put together, then being confirmed in all kinds of other scientific disciplines, particularly genetics, and having other people just sort of deny it for reasons that have nothing to do with truth.
– Matthew Chapman, Darwin's great-great-grandson, from the movie:

Great home school video with reenactments of the Dover trial on Intelligent Design.

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