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The Proof of Evolution blog is a Christian blog bringing you interesting and current news about evolution, as well as each new page from the Proof of Evolution web site.

I believe the most powerful testimony to Christ is in the life of Christians. We don't need scientific evidence for God, as the tremendous power of Christians united in service to God overthrows every argument against him.

As a result, we Christians should be able to be honest with science. At some point, we are going to have to face the overwhelming evidence for evolution, knowing that Jesus Christ is the Truth. He is not afraid of the truth; he is the Truth.

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Apr 09, 2016

Why Creationists Win Evolution Debates

Creationists win most evolution debates, but it's not because there's any good evidence for their side.

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Nov 05, 2014

Thou Shalt Not Bear False Witness

As an atheist with believing but rational friends from all of the three major Abrahamic religions, I sympathise. Lying for Jesus is - well, lying. It makes

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Oct 30, 2014

Was There Enough Time for Evolution

Was there enough time for evolution from molecules to the first one-celled organisms to humans in the age of the universe and of the earth?

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Oct 30, 2014

Abiogenesis: The Scientific Theory of the Origin of Life

Abiogenesis is a scientific term referring to the origin of life. Many theories of abiogenesis are competing for scientific support.

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Oct 20, 2014

Homo Floresiensis: The Hobbit of Human Ancestry

Homo floresiensis has been dubbed 'hobbit' for its dimunitive size. Its existence until 17,000 years ago was surprising enough, but its probable ancestry is raising spellbinding questions.

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Oct 18, 2014

Lying for Jesus

Creation, evolution, and lying for Jesus. Defending the faith with dishonesty does nothing for the testimony of Christ and Christians.

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Aug 29, 2014

My Best Argument for Evolution, Directed at Christians

This is my best argument for evolution as a Christian, godly, and reasonable position to take on creation and the progress of life.

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Aug 26, 2014


How could sex have evolved? Organisms are either asexual or sexual. A species cannot change from one to the other.

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Jun 17, 2014

Evolution and the Bible

Can a person believe in evolution and the Bible? Yes, and a person can believe the *whole* Bible while believing in evolution. Here's why ...

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Jun 17, 2014

Dinosaur Extinction: Asteroid Impacts, Iridium Layers, and Coincidences in the Geologic Column

Was the dinosaur extinction caused by an asteroid impact? Did it really happen 65 million years ago? A study in coincidences …

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