The Scientific Method for Kids

So you want to teach the scientific method for kids? I don't want to reinvent the wheel here, but I'm finding it's not so easy to find good scientific method lesson plans! A lot of links out there are outdated.

  • Here's a scientific method workbook from the U.S. government. This one is for grades 2-6, and it is subtitled "A Guide to Teaching Students the Scientific Method Using the Experimental Design Model with an Emphasis on Energy Science Fair Projects." It has a number of experiments to do; it's quite good.

Those last two are for all grade levels!

Leilani and Sam

This intensely cute little girl (my daughter Leilani) won last year's science fair by making fruit batteries. She and her older brother, Manuha, compared voltage produced by putting a penny and a nail in various fruits. (Yes, it just automatically produces electricity.)

  • Need help on how to teach the scientific method for kids? I want to give credit to Ellen Booth Church, whose page on teaching the scientific method is awesome, simple, and will help you come up with your own ideas!
  • Some more great experiments are at the Fermilabs government page. Fermilabs is a laboratory that specializes in high-energy particle physics, but they seem to have paused to give our kids science lessons! Neat!

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