by garrett miller

i do not mean to be rude but a lot of evolutionists do the same thing to christian scientists.

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Apr 27, 2015
Not rude, but is it correct?
by: Paul (Webmaster)

When I wrote "Lying for Jesus," I was very carefuly to include a number of examples. It's not rude to suggest that Christian scientists are slandered and lied about as well. It is, however, beyond rude to say so without a single example. It just adds to the slander.

I have heard tales that anti-evolution scientists have been fired for being against evolution. I checked those stories out, and I know at least three are true. I am sure there are others.

I have never even heard a story about an anti-evolution scientist having their research twisted into something it's not. They are accused quite often of twisting real research in order to justify their stance against evolution or an old earth, but usually that accusation is correct. For example, I--and the scientist who did the research--accuse Michael Behe of twisting the research. In fact, a court of law determined that he twisted research. (See the video "Judgment Day," available on Amazon.com.)

So my challenge is for you to provide some proof of your claim, like I had to do on my Lying for Jesus page or please stop making that claim.

Apr 28, 2015
Research twisted
by: Mark Armitage

Paul there are quite a few blogs which have twisted my soft tissue research in Triceratops (evidently from people who can not or choose not to understand my peer-reviewed paper).

Read some of the comments on this one where 22 people voted in affirmation that they believe I falsified my data:

Next time you update "Lying for Jesus" do a little more homework please.


May 05, 2015
Research for Lying for Jesus
by: Paul (Webmaster)

Mark, the "Lying for Jesus" page is "Lying for Jesus," not "Lying for Evolution."

I'm sure I mention on the page why I wrote it. My introduction to the creation movement was the false story about Donald Johansen and Lucy's knee (https://www.proof-of-evolution.com/donald-johanson.html). When I first tried to use the argument about Lucy's knee--back in 1995, long after the story should have been banished from the "Christian" creation movement--I was stunned to find out that I was passing on a lie. I was shocked, offended, surprised, and embarrassed.

I made this site because there are others as convinced as I am that evolution is true. ICR and AiG would have us believe that it is impossible to be a Christian if one believes evolution happened.

While my web site obviously addresses evolution, my primary concern, even greater than the subject of evolution, is the church and Christians. I am not here to tangle with scientists. I am here to tangle with dishonest Christians, and my primary concern is their dishonesty and the way they bring shame on the Gospel. That is the point of the "Lying for Jesus" page. I'm sorry that 22 people on the internet voted that you falsified data on your paper, but I don't agree at all that the vote is particularly relevant to my site.

I don't dodge issues. I want to help those who have been told that they can't be Christians if they see the evidence for evolution as overwhelming like I do. I want to point out the lying that happens among Christians because it ends up affecting me and my brothers and sisters in Christ. I don't mind discussing bias among non-Christian scientists, too, but that is not near as important to me as the other things I cover. If there is some evidence strong enough to throw question on the entire subject of evolution, I not only would not dodge it, but I would welcome it.

I think I have made it clear that soft tissue in a Triceratops horn is not enough to convince me of that. I think I have also been very fair with your comments. Thus, I don't think your comment about doing more research, especially based on 22 people on the internet issuing a vote about you, is kind or fair.

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