Fine tuning argument

by John castino
(Hamel, Mn. 55340)

Do you believe that the order we find in the cosmos, universe, solar system, earth's systems like the hydrologic cycle, magnetic field, moon, earth tilt, water, terrestrial surfaces and thickness, gravity force, protons/electrons, suns rays, discover ability of all of the above? Do you think all of this happened by chance? Or is something or someone behind all of this order?

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Apr 24, 2012
Is the Universes Fine Tuned by God?
by: Paul Pavao (webmaster)

I'm a Christian. I don't think the universe is chance. I think God made the universe how he wanted it, and I think he intervenes wherever necessary to obtain his purposes.

I believe that because I am a Christian, convinced by the power of God that comes in Jesus' name, not because of scientific evidence.

It is remarkable that the universe is so fine-tuned. It's no surprise to me because I believe God is the Creator, creating all things through Jesus Christ. However, even the fine tuning of the universe is not enough to convince everyone. Scientists are always giving explanations of how our universe could have been fine tuned by chance, including the multiverse theory, suggesting that there's a large number, perhaps an infinite number, of universes.

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