Life Doesn't Happen by Chance

by John
(Hamel, Mn. USA)

1.Something can't come from nothing

2. The fossil record is evidence of stasis-not evolutionary change
3. The few instances of changes /variation comes suddenly, and always still within its own kind
4. The earth ALSO came from nothing. And is organized similar to a living organism with hydrologic cycle, moon gravity, just the right balances of 20 factors that are perfect for life.

Conclusion: atheists try to convince me that: the earth and galaxy is organized perfectly for life - by chance. Atheists want me to believe that then life also arose by chance along with animals, plant life, minerals required for life, by chance.
Atheists then tell me that man evolved randomly by chance and time and the complexity of all of us, and the rest required for life, just happened to be there for us along the way, and continues to operate perfectly every day - al by accident.
Then you look around our galaxy and solar system looking for evidence of life and can't find ANY. We can't even find water yet! although I think we will eventually.
Finally, I JUST DON'T HAVE ENOUGH FAITH to be an atheist.

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Feb 29, 2012
Something from Nothing
by: Paul Pavao (webmaster)

You wrote, "But as for being concrete, it does not happen."

So does that mean you simply don't believe or don't care about the published reports of how matter and antimatter are produced in a vacuum? Does that mean you don't know about Hawkings radiation, so you feel qualified to state it doesn't exist?

In that case, those of us who believe science is doing real research, then recording their work to be double checked by others ... Well, what are we supposed to do with someone like you who pays no attention to those things, then makes declarations about what does or does not happen in empty space? Perhaps you can explain your research? If you haven't done any, then perhaps you can explain why those of us who don't know you--which is all of us--should care at all about your unsubstantiated opinions?

Feb 28, 2012
by: John W.

Someone mentioned that you can get something from nothing. Yes Indeed. The something you get is nothing, which is indeed something. Abstract of course. But as for being concrete, it does not happen. Have you seen science produce something from nothing, something that we can actually prove came from nothing. No. If that was so, we would have solved the electrical aspect of using just using some and getting more. But as you are quite aware, we only get what we put in, less a small degree for resistance, and what I would call, the unknown. We are but human and not the Creator.

Given time, all of this will become clear to us and we will be educated in a way that we will learn that this is just out of and will always be out of our field of understanding. This is why humans will never be privy to this miracle of life.

Nov 24, 2011
Not Arguments Against Evolution
by: Paul Pavao (webmaster)

Hi John. I'm not an atheist, so a lot of what you say wouldn't apply to me. I understand and agree with the argument that the fact we're here argues strongly for a Creator.

However, it doesn't argue against evolution. Currently, the only realistic argument I've seen against evolution is that some people think it disagrees with Genesis one. Even if life required a Creator, evolution could have been the means he used to create it. So your 'everything is fine tuned' argument doesn't argue against evolution.

As for the statements you began your post with, those aren't arguments. Those are statements, and not one of them is true.

1. Something comes from nothing all the time. You should read about what really goes on in empty space.

2. The fossil record is evidence of both stasis and evolutionary change. In the short term there's a lot of stasis, in the long term there is massive evolutionary change, which is why the earth used to be ruled by reptiles and now it's ruled by mammals. Fish to amphibians to reptiles to mammals, all unquestionable in the fossil record.

3. If you only look at one or two generations, yes, all you see is changes "within a kind," and they're sudden. If you look at dogs, you see 4,000 years of changes, and you have differences as huge as that between St. Bernards and chihuahuas, and that happened slowly. If you look at the fossil record, with hundreds of millions of years of change, you see fish to amphibians to reptiles to mammals.

4. Finally, on that basis do you say the earth came from nothing? You don't know anything about the fossil record, why would we believe a statement from you about the origin of the earth? People who have actually done work and studied the origin of the earth will tell you that it came from interstellar dust.

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