The THIRD SIDE of the argument

by Neville Fowler
(Sandstone Point, Queensland, Australia)

If the 'be' in 'bereshit', the first Hebrew word in the bible, is dropped a completely different translation of Genesis 1 is made. Similarly using the Ancient Hebrew Lexicon produces a different text.

Genesis 1:1 The chief prepared the Angels, the heavens and the Earth.
Genesis 1:2 would state ' The Earth existed, chaotic , upside-down and vacant, darkness existed throughout the great expanse, the confusion of the Angels about the great expanse of water was softened.

The description of the preparation of the Earth then follows which is identical to the 'Hollow Earth Theory'

The question for both sides is "Is the third theory 'The Hollow Earth Theory' able to be compatible with both Science and Religion?"

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Aug 26, 2014
Is the Hollow Earth Plausible?
by: Paul (Webmaster)

In short, no. No one needs me to explain why. Everybody already agrees that a hollow earth is neither scientific nor biblical.

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