I believe in GOD and I do not lie when I say all the evidence points towards Him. Polystrate fossils, Cambrian explosion, the fact that we're still waiting on an intermediate, it's all there. the question is, why don't you believe it? The only thing you hope for without God is that He's not there. But I've been through personal experience and miraculous healing. I'm set with that. I am also not "forcing my religion" on you any more than this webpage is "forcing evolution" on me. Thank you for reading, have a nice day. :)


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May 06, 2014
I'm happy for you.
by: Anonymous

I'm happy for you. I'm glad to hear of your personal experience and miraculous healing.
But how does the existence of God imply the falsity of evolution.
I realize that the literature on evolution makes no mention of God, but I would not expect it to.
That's a different subject.
I've read an entire book on Johann Sebastian Bach which makes no mention of William Shakespeare.
Does that mean that the author did not appreciate William Shakespeare?

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