by Tracy Harold

The God of Israel is alive and well thankyou very much!

Charles Darwin is dead, his spirit returned to God who gave it,
but his soul descended to hell.
What on earth do liars have in common with Jesus?
Think about it people...duh that's right, nothing.
lol, if you insist your great great great etc grandparents
are monkeys, go right ahead.
Dear Jesus,
the wisdom of this world is foolishness in God's sight, yes
and Amen.

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Nov 11, 2011
Nice Rhetoric
by: Paul Pavao (webmaster)

That's very nice rhetoric. Pointless, but nice.

Let's finish your thought Tracy.

Lying has nothing to do with Jesus. You said this, and I agree with it. The people leading the attack on evolution are lying and making a habit of it. I said this, and you have to agree with it whether you want to or not because it's true.

Therefore ...?

My point is that if you're lying, you're not on Jesus' side. I choose the side that prefers truth, not the side that lies, yet claims to represent Jesus.

Feb 01, 2013
Two Hypothetical Cases
by: Thomas Robertson

Tracy, let me assume for the moment that Evolution is false. Will you please watch two scenarios with me?

Number one: Laurel and Hardy are two Evolutionists. Creationist propagandist Duane Gish visits their town and holds a debate with a local science professor. Laurel attends the debate, hears Gish’s impeccable case for Creationism, and gets converted. However, Hardy gets infected with the flu bug and misses the debate. However, Hardy would have been converted to Creationism if he did attend the debate.

God, in his infinite wisdom, knows that Hardy would have gotten converted to Creationism if he didn’t catch the flu. Would it be fair for God to send Laurel to Heaven and send Hardy to Hell?

Number two: Let us suppose that there was another scientist who was slated to travel on the Beagle. He is told to be at the dock at eight o’clock, but erroneously remembers eight-thirty. He arrives a half-hour late, only to find that he missed the boat. He never gets to see the Galapagos finches, but would have been convinced of the truth of Evolutionary theory if he did see the finches.

God, in his infinite wisdom, knows that the lonely and forgotten scientist would have decided in favor of Evolutionary theory if he had caught the boat. Would it be fair for God to send this scientist to Heaven and send Darwin to Hell?

May 03, 2014
love it
by: Anonymous

love it

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