About Me

My name is Paul Pavao. I'm married, and I have six children.

My two youngest, Manuha and LeilaniMy two youngest, Manuha and Leilani,
having a computer moment.

Yes, six.

I'm 48 (in 2009), and I've had a good life already. I am grateful to God, who has blessed me to find so much that I have looked for.

Things I Care About

The thing that matters most to me in the whole world is the Church. By "church," I don't mean a named denomination. I mean the people who possess the Spirit of God through faith in Jesus Christ, who have wholly committed themselves to him, and who have banded together as the family God has made them to be.

The apostle Paul once said, "I am persuaded of this, that he who has begun a good work in you will continue it until the day of Jesus Christ." (Php. 1:6).

We can't really say that anymore. In America, at least 80% of those who "accept Jesus" fall away within five years. Many of the rest sit in a pew week by week and grow bored with Jesus Christ.

My son Noah's graduation speech

This is incomprehensible because Jesus Christ strung out quadrillions of stars across billions of light years of space, then came to live in a human body.

That's not boring!

My wife, Hannah, and my dog, SamMy wife, Hannah, and my dog, Sam

To say the least.

Today, we can't be persuaded of what the apostle Paul was persuaded about because we don't preach what he preached.

Like Jesus, his Master, he taught people to give up their lives and join together into a family with one heart, one mind, and intent on one purpose. A family that loves each other so much that they would give up their excess possessions and money to take care of one another.

That family, to Paul, is "the household of God, the pillar and foundation of the truth."

In that family, every person experiences grace and transformation from Jesus Christ.

I've seen it. And I get to keep seeing it every day.

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Truth and Honesty

A dear friend and mentor once told me, "We're not responsible for truth, but we are responsible for honesty."

Honesty matters to me. If I were going to give any qualification for what I write on this site, it would be that I am honest.

Were You Looking for My Qualifications?

I don't have a science degree. In fact, I don't have any degree.

My qualifications are that I'm reasonably intelligent and very honest. There's enough information on this site for you to decide whether you agree that's true.

I have access to all the same books, written by the best professors, that college students do. I have access to comments about the validity of the books. I have access to descriptions of pertinent evidence, descriptions written by creationists and evolutionists alike.

Just like you do.

Unlike many college students and professors, though, I've actually read On the Origin of Species. When I did the page on the Scopes Monkey Trial, I bought the transcript of the trial and read portions of it.

I don't have time to become an expert on microbiology. If I did, you wouldn't understand anything I said anyway. I do, however, have time to check and compare many sources on the subjects I write about.

Nothing on this site is made up. I haven't written anything out of wishful thinking, merely hoping that what I write will be convincing. No, if I wrote it on this site, then I have researched it, and I honestly believe—for good reasons that I will give you—that there is solid evidence for it.

I will tell you why without lying, being tricky, or withholding information.

That's Me

That's me. I don't have anything else to add to that. Feel free to use the contact me form if you have comments.

Please refrain from "flaming" me. You won't accomplish anything by that. If you're polite, or even reasonable in any way, then your comments matter to me. I pay attention to what's said to me.

I've always said that the way to win every argument is to switch sides if you're losing. I've been on both sides of many of the issues addressed on this site. I try very hard to settle on the side that Truth and honesty reside.

So if you've got a truth, some clear thinking, some evidence, and some honesty, then fire away!

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