Evolution and Faith in God

Do evolution and faith in God conflict? It astonishes me that when Christians find out I believe life evolved, they immediately start giving reasons that God exists.

This happens even with those who know me as a devoted and outspoken Christian, a church historian, and as a teacher and leader in the church.  I remember stopping one friend mid-sentence to tell him, "Hey, do you remember whom you're talking to? I'm a Christian, and a pretty radical one at that. I believe in God, too!"

It was like he suddenly woke out of a trance. He had momentarily forgotten that I'm a Christian!

The conflict between evolution and faith is not real. The issue, for a Christian who believes in evolution (a theistic evolutionist), is how God created life, not whether he created it.

Reasons that all Christians need to be open to evolution.

The most pertinent question of all: Doesn't Romans 5:12 say that death began with Adam?

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