Is Paul Pavao Qualified to Write a Web Site on Evolution?

One of my readers asked me, "What are your scientific qualification (sic) to comment on these matters?" Fair question. My answer follows ...

My main qualifications are that I can read, watch videos, and reason, just like almost everyone else can.

If commenting on the subject of evolution is limited to those with letters after their name, then there would be no reason for my site. We could all safely conclude that evolution is true since over 98% of those qualified to be experts on the subject agree that evolution from one original form of life to all forms alive today occurred. Only those with strong religious reasons to object to evolution reject it, and those are a very small minority.


By Bubus 12, courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

So you and I should thank God we are not prevented by our lack of a university degree from reading the experts and comparing what supporters of evolution say with what anti-evolutionists say, or else the subject would be decided! There would be no debate!

I do have one qualification, which is that I am a Mensa member. I qualified for that organization by my test scores on the SAT and ACT, so I am documented as an unusually good student of academic subjects.

My calculus teacher in high school told me I didn't need her for calculus. She said I could learn on my own. I proved this in college by acing Calculus 2 and 3 while almost never attending class except for tests.

It is possible to learn these kind of subjects without attending a college, if that is what you mean by qualifications.

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