Is Theistic Evolution
a Self-Contradiction?

Is theistic evolution a self-contradiction? A young earth creationist told me that he agrees with Richard Dawkins on this one thing, that Christians who believe in evolution are deceiving themselves by trying to reconcile the two.

This is my response.

Note that the young earth creationist sent me to a 50-second video clip of Richard Dawkins saying this.

I am aware that both young earth creationists and atheists like Richard Dawkins would consider theistic evolution to be a self-contradiction. That is because neither group understands the Gospel preached by the apostles. Both fundamentalists and atheists seem to think that Christianity is primarily centered in a book, something that neither the apostles nor their churches believed.

Over time, Christianity has come more and more to include people that exalt intellect rather than a spiritual relationship with God. It has gotten so bad that most in modern Christianity actually talk about a spiritual relationship when they really mean intellectual understanding of doctrines primarily based on men's traditions and a really poor,  almost embarrassing intellectual interpretation of the words of the New Testament.

I know those are pretty strong words. But when you have Christian leaders talking about using "clear" verses to interpret "difficult" verses and other Christian leaders actually suggesting that Christians can ignore the teachings and commands of Jesus because he was under the Law (!!!), then it's pretty clear that they don't have much of an idea at all how to understand the Bible. This is all the more true once you become familiar with church history and realize how immensely different the doctrines of fundamentalist churches are from the doctrines of the churches the apostles started.

My other web site is Christian History for Everyman. I've spent over 20 years researching early Christianity, which primarily means I've been reading the writings of all the Christians who wrote from the time of the apostles until about 150 years later. There's several books full of their writings, and it astounds me that Christians aren't more interested in those. It would lead them to a much more powerful spiritual relationship with God.

Modern Christians don't realize it, but fundamentalists spend a lot of time warning people not to trust the Spirit of God. They don't even know it nor can tell when they're doing so!

So it doesn't really bother me when a fundamentalist or atheist tells me that theistic evolution and Christianity are incompatible. I chalk it up to the immense deception about what Christianity was to the apostles, who are the men Jesus assigned to bring the Gospel into the world.

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