The Schizochroal Compound Eye of the Trilobite

Dr. Kurt Wise, a young earth creationist, says his favorite piece of creation evidence is the trilobite eye:

The schizochroal compound eye of the trilobite … contains the only known lens in the biological world which corrects for focusing problems that result from using non-flexible lenses. … The design of the schizochroal eye makes it unique among eyes; perhaps even to the point of being the best optical system known in the biological world. This design, in fact, seems to far exceed the needs of the trilobite. The origin of the design of the schizochroal eye is not understood by means of any known natural cause. (From

This man has a doctorate in paleontology from Harvard, and the best creation evidence he has is a 600-million-year-old eye for which scientists can't explain the origin?

That's telling, don't you think?

Schizochroal compound trilobite eyeThis is a schizochroal trilobite eye
public domain picture

There's nothing about this "evidence" that argues for creation or for a young earth. Sorry. The fact that science may not know the exact purpose of a trilobyte's eye hundreds of millions years ago is not evidence for anything at all, much less that evolution isn't true.

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