Short Answers to Creationists

Note: I object to the use of "creationist" to describe those who oppose evolution. Every "theistic evolutionist" like myself is a creationist. We just happen to believe the Creator used evolution to create life.

There are fossilized clams on Mount Everest. Isn't that proof enough of the flood?

No. If there were any corroborating evidence for a global flood, then fossilized clams on Mt. Everest would be among that evidence.

The problem is, fossilized clams on Mt. Everest would be a prediction geologists would make every bit as much as advocates of a global flood. Everest is part of the Himalayas, which geologists say formed when India slammed into southern Asia.

The Himalayas used to be coastline. It is no surprise that fossilized clams are found there.

Don't layers of strata indicate hydraulic sorting?

No. Layering could be the product of hydraulic sorting. It could be the product of stead accumulation of sediments, along with changes in environment.

The layering of the earth's surface cannot be the result of hydraulic sorting. If the geologic column is the result of the flood, then the flood did an amazing job of sorting all of life into a seeming progression from simple to complex and from fish to amphibians to reptiles to mammals.

The flood did not produce the geologic column. There is too much indicator of time in all the layers of the column for the flood to have deposited those layers in one year or even 100,000 years.

For an example of what I mean, see the Haymond Formation.

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