Evolution Evidence:

The Inescapable Evidence Supporting Evolution

I said on the home page that the evolution evidence is "abundant and overwhelming." Not everyone believes that.

This page explains why I tell you so confidently that the evolution evidence is indisputable.

There's a general list of evidences for evolution on this page, but two of my best arguments for evolution are these pages:

I am gearing this page toward creationists who oppose evolution. A scientist would likely believe that the most significant evidence of evolution is the integration of all the sciences. There is no scientific discipline that is not impacted by evolution.

Evolution is a unifying concept for science ... because of its importance across the disciplines of science. Scientific disciplines with a historical component, such as astronomy, geology, biology, and anthropology, cannot be taught with integrity if evolution is not emphasized. (National Science Teachers Association, emphasis mine)

A creationist struggling with evolution and its implications, however, is not going to undertake a lifetime study of astronomy, geology, biology, and anthropology in order to determine that the NSTA statement is accurate. So we will focus on the blips on the radar screen of science that are inexplicable apart from evolution.

Evolution Evidence That Influenced Me

I was a young-earth creationist for many years. These are the pieces of evidence supporting evolution that had the strongest effect on me.


Not all creationists oppose evolution.

I, for example, am a creationist because I am a Christian who believes God created everything. All theistic evolutionists (link coming) are creationists who believe in evolution.

People are different. Other items on this page may matter much more to you.

General Evidence for Evolution

These are true stories about how science discovered evolution. They make clear why scientists could not ignore the evidence that was slapping them in the face, telling them that life has evolved over time.

Remember, the evolution evidence in the stories above came before anyone knew about DNA. DNA fully explains how one form of life can become any other form of life. Errors in DNA replication and natural selection—a two-step process that provides diversity, then sorts it—provides a mechanism for that change happening slowly over time.

To find strongly conclusive evidence of long-term evolution in both extinct and living animals—for, after all, the scientist proposing the evolution of life were able to win over an establishment that was hostile to their views before DNA was discovered—then later to find that there is a mechanism that fully explains how that evolution could happen ... that is heart-stopping evolution evidence.

Other Evidence Supporting Evolution

Evolution Evidence in the Sky

Evolution Evidence in the Fossils

Evolution Evidence Today

Evolution Evidence in Humans

We carry around in our bodies abundant evidence supporting evolution. Here are just a few:

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