LoseTheBackPain.com Ad

I don't really like the kinds of ads that LoseTheBackPain.com runs. They're offering a "free" book, but only if you pay $9.95 for shipping.

Admittedly, that's still a great deal. This isn't an ebook; it's a print book. But these "free" books with exorbitant shipping are not the way I like to do things.

So why am I doing it?

Because they have good advice and good products.

I'm not running ads for LoseTheBackPain.com because they have a good affiliate program. I went looking for them specifically, and I asked if I could advertise for them.

Fortunately, they had a good affiliate program smiley.

My Story

I love reading about fitness and health. I have since I was a teenager and first saw an ad for the "Bullworker" (remember that) and read about studies on isometrics.

It's been 35 years since I saw that ad, and I've stayed up on health studies ever since. I know, for example, that stretching before you exercise is now out of vogue, at least with informed coaches. You never stretch cold muscles. Warmup is done with light exercise. Stretching done after exercise, on warm muscles, will speed recovery and prevent muscle soreness by expelling lactic acid.

Like most men that were active in their teens, my knees are not in the greatest shape. In high school, I saw doctors for my knees, and they were unable to explain or prevent my pain. In my 20's I ran for a while, but then I had to quit because of my knees.

Fitness Over Forty

If you'd like to benefit from those 35 years of study I've done, I'm almost done writing my new ebook, Fitness for Fat Guys Over Forty.

Its best benefit is helping you find the fitness program that you will stick with. It's interesting, engaging, and effective. One benefit of living in a Christian community is getting to learn from many people, seeing what works.

Read some samples from the book, and I'm sure you'll see why it can help you. You can pre-order copies at half price.

At 40, I took jogging back up again, and twenty years of study in muscle and joint relationships have allowed me to keep running for 8 years. I've had plenty of knee pain, but I've always known how to treat it.

I've had back pain, too, and I've learned some things about both back pain and sciatica. I learned piriformis stretches, and I learned release and trigger point techniques for important muscles.

Then my wife got sciatica.

We saw a chiropractor. That helped for six months. Then she suffered for six months. Then I took over, and that helped for two months. Then we saw muscle therapists, people with stretching machines, and the chiropractor again.

For two years my wife had multiple-month-long spells of laying in bed, wondering if that's what she was meant to do with her life.

As it turned out, she had a herniated disk. We were finally able to afford the operation—and believe it was necessary—and the surgeon ended up telling us that it was one of the worst herniations he'd ever seen. He was shocked she made it as long as she did.

So what does this all have to do with LoseTheBackPain.com


Most people don't need an operation. Our surgeon told us we were wise to try all the things we tried. I asked about some of the things we did, and he was positive about all of them.

In all our research, in all our study, we decided on LoseTheBackPain.com as the best advice we ever got. In fact, I use their HangUps® every day. I know from all the study we've done that it has to be helping my back, but I was surprised to find that it relieved some ongoing hip pain I'd been having.

I asked the surgeon about hanging upside down. He said, "I have a machine at home. I use it every day. What does that tell you?"

LoseTheBackPain.com has the best advice on the internet for taking care of your back. That's our opinion, and back pain has been a central study of our lives for two years. It's been a side study of mine for over ten years.

I'm advertising LoseTheBackPain.com's system because it's good. The one thing I don't like is …

LoseTheBackPain's Advertising

The fact is, ads giving away free books and charging expensive shipping work. People fall for the used car salesman approach over and over again. That's why used car salesman use it.

The advertising almost kept us away from LoseTheBackPain.com come when we were looking into it. We felt like we were being hyped into a big snow job. It was only a recommendation from another web site that caused us to swallow, pay the shipping costs, and try the "free for 30 days' offers."

Boy, were we glad.

If you're the kind that hates the in-your-face, big-red-letter, try-this-free approach to sales, please press past it with LoseTheBackPain.com.

I'm telling you, without big red letters, that it's excellent advice that could be life-changing if you're dealing with back pain on an ongoing basis. And my wife and I have learned: How much is that worth?

If I've talked you into it, I really recommend you go ahead and try their "free" book.

"I have been a biologist for a long time, and I hope I never stop getting shivers in my spine when I think about the beauty of how we come to know things in biology.

   "Biologists make predictions, then they go out into the field or the lab to see if their predictions hold up. When hundreds of predictions of this sort are fulfilled, a theory reaches the point where it becomes certain, at least on a broad level.

   "And that is where we are with evolution."

– Darrell Falk (ref)

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