There seems to be no end to any debate between scientific creationism and evolution-ism. I said 'Evolution-ism' because the diverse theories of evolution, to begin with, were put forward to deny the existence of the Creator God of the Jewish-Christian Bible. Undoubtedly, these anti-God theories caught the attention of those concerned because the same theories attacked Christian's foundational beliefs. As in all other areas of knowledge, certain measure of truth is also to be found in almost all of the theories relating to evolution. Christian scientists and concerned theologians confronted by the truths in the theories of evolution embraced these theories to the point of defending the same to an extent wherein Genesis 1 and 2 are now looked upon by these devoted souls as figurative - not to be taken literally, any more.

The debate could very well be avoided if Christians were to first restrict themselves to studying Biblical Creation Truth by rightly dividing the Word of Creation Truth in Genesis 1 and 2. When Christians blindly or stubbornly hang on to their traditional belief of a creation in six days some six to ten thousand years they end up in all kinds of debates. Genesis 1:1 deals exclusively with the creation of original perfect heavens and earth; Genesis 1:2 describes earth's condition brought about by the rebellion of pre-Adamic men on the primal earth; Genesis 1:3-31 describe restoration of life on earth in six days crowned by the creation of Adam and Eve. The reader will do well to read online, without bias, by visiting: for a comprehensive un- biased appreciation of Biblical Creation Truth.

***Webmaster note: If the link above had been a web site with free information, I would have *considered* letting it stay. It was a link to Mr. Martins' book sales page only, so I did not let it remain. You are welcome to search for him as an author if you want the book, which is called _Biblical Creation Truth_. Bad links hurt web site ratings on the search engines, and links to book sales pages are not good links.


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Feb 01, 2013
Gap Theory
by: Paul Pavao (webmaster)

Mr. Martins suggested theory is known as the gap theory. It is called that because it posits a long, perhaps billions of years, gap between Genesis 1:1 and Genesis 1:2.


Before I comment on the gap theory, I want to comment on the slander in Mr. Martins post, especially since this comment section is attached to my "Lying for Jesus" page. Mr. Martins says, " ... the diverse theories of evolution, to begin with, were put forward to deny the existence of the Creator God ... ." This is simply not true. Neither Darwin nor Wallace were trying to disprove anything. Anyone who has read their work without radical Christian bias can see the honesty in their pursuit of learning about nature and the world around them. Assigning false motives to them is slander, and it is inappropriate for those who claim to be Bible believers, which is part of the point of my "Lying for Jesus" page.


I have been strongly influenced in my Christian theology by Watchman Nee, and he espoused the gap theory as well. I, however, do not think it stands up scripturally. There is too much conjecture involved in the interpretation of Ps. 104 and some verses in Isaiah and Jeremiah, which are required to support it.

In fact, the first place I ever heard the gap theory was from a tape by Benny Hinn way back in the early 80's. I most definitely do not support Mr. Hinn!

Mar 16, 2013

Obviously, theistic evolutionists expose their unholy bias towards those who differ with them by branding them as "slanderers lying for Jesus". What they have not yet come to realize is the fact that in defending evolution with a religious zeal they are actually guilty of "lying for Jesus". Not only that, after 'Saving Darwin' they now want to "Save God" from being accused of lying in Genesis 1 and 2 where He talks of creating Adam and Eve rather than choosing a "couple" from among those other thousands of couples having a Common Ancestor as zealously taught by Biologos or other theistic evolutionists. Kindly visit:
Anyway, I hope and pray what is stated above will make sense to theistic evolutionists. And, there are a good number of Christian Scientists who do a lot of "lying for Jesus" by denouncing evolution as pseudo-science. But then, when once a person is drunk with the wine of evolution, even God inspired record of creation by fiat becomes a lie adopted by Moses to tell the Israelites who the true God is. After all, God had to resort to "lying" because the Israelites were too dumb as compared to their "pre-adamic first parents" to understand evolutionary fables proclaimed by those wearing a scientific garb as if it is scientific truth.

Mar 17, 2013
Not the Israelites, but You
by: Paul Pavao (webmaster)

Joaozinho wrote: >>God had to resort to "lying" because the Israelites were too dumb as compared to their "pre-adamic first parents" to understand evolutionary fables proclaimed by those wearing a scientific garb as if it is scientific truth.<<

This sentence is very difficult to read, but Joaozinho is saying that Moses had to lie about creation because the Israelites were too dumb to understand it.

Theistic evolutionists are not saying that the Israelites were too dumb to understand what we know about science today. We are saying they had no access to enough information to understand modern science. Also, God has no history of revealing scientific or mathematical knowledge to prophets. Instead, he reveals his Word to them, which always is for rebuke, reproof, and instruction in righteousness so that the man of God may be thoroughly equipped for every good work.

We are also saying that people like you--perhaps because of fear, stubbornness, or just that all too human love of tradition--are unwilling to think. You're not dumb; you're just willfully ignorant because you prefer it that way.

Moses didn't lie. He told a creation story. Since we as Christians believe he was inspired by God to do so, then I can add that God didn't lie. He told a creation story in 7 days, an obvious poem despite complaints to the contrary, to a culture that always used such stories to illustrate and pass on truths to minds that were open to spiritual things and to intuition.

You, however, Joaozinhi, refuse to consider any other viewpoint than your own. In your eyes, there is only one way to interpret Genesis one, and any other way is lying.

I'm not sure what adjective to use to describe this way of thinking. The word I want to use is silly, but that seems too insulting. It is silly, however. It doesn't take much research to know that the Hebrew, and indeed all eastern and middle eastern culture, is a culture of stories, parables, and figurative, fanciful interpretations of those stories. You don't necessarily have to agree that is what Genesis one is, but you have to at least regard that interpretation as an interpretation and not as lying.

If you can't--well, a lot of people have trouble seeing through other people's eyes or being at least reasonably gracious. We generally don't regard those people as Christians unless they're brand new and don't know how to control themselves yet. Christ came to save people from that kind of behavior.

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