Creation in 7 days and evolution

by Glenn Bezerra

I respect you for your lack of ear for learning about secular things without losing your faith, and even using it for proof of God. You know how you said the earth was found to be older than 10,000 years, well i believe days for God could be 1000s or 10,000s of years. God exsists without time, which means rate of change. So thats how he knows the future. And about evolution of man, I know it has alot of evidence that defends it, but the only thing is that ii cannot seem to buy that we came from an ancestor that was the same as monkeys. I mean, we humans, are so much more complex. The most intellectual thing a chimp can do is get a stick from a tree and hunt for bugs in a hole, or scribble some lines on a paper. We humans created organized religion(not saying we created God), agriculture, civilations, empires, wars, paintings, writing, different language, computers, TV, and the list goes on. I believe we are separate from animals. Animals do things for their survival mostly. And the bible says that after the flood, we would be dominant over animals. Animals would fear us, humans. But about evolution of other animals, like adaptation to new environment and such is possible, even for humans. I just believe we are separate from the animals. It sais God created us in his own image. Please email me back at

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