creation man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! creation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

by Sarah J.R. P.
(temecula, california, usa)

yo, they think we came from germs basically right? well riddle me this:

why dosent it happen eany more? why aren't we seeing any grems poping into us? no monkeys saying "hey what's up?"?

yes they found fosils but what dosent say they mixed up bones and cave men were really just adam and evs dead kids and stuff. also cave drawings wen god made people they were boerd and didn't know everything so u know made stuff and drew on cave walls.

monkey were creted by god to be near us and thats that. we didnt come from them. if we did tell me why i dont see a monky in the zoo on the news reading a book aloud to kids?!

also the big bang sounds more like what a high guy would imagin. i know god took a rock and made the earth the planets and the univers and galaxise.

the reson that there is a question to everything to evilotion and a "scientific" thing that is always being studded is because all of the real scince god has made for us is being forced in the wrong direction.

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Apr 07, 2011
Comment from Webmaster
by: Paul Pavao

I let this post go up as is after letting it sit for quite a while, unsure of what to do.

I am a Christian, and thus I am a Creationist. I believe in a God that created everything. I also believe God made our brains and that it's okay to use them.

When we do, and when we're honest, the evidence for evolution is so overwhelming that it's really not a contest.

The post I'm responding to speaks for itself. There's really no reply to give. I hate the fact that there's not someone to teach this person a better way of thinking. I think these sorts of posts are embarrassing to the church.

But there it is. I let it go up.

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