Death before Sin and other Proofs

by Josiah Greaver
(West Virginia)

First, if a christian does not believe in six literal days, he believes in death before sin. The Gap theory results in death before sin. And someone takes the word "day" in Genesis to mean anything other than an actual day, he is taking it out of context. I'm not going to go into all the detail of the hebrew meaning and the context clues of "evening and morning," because it's very easy to look up for yourself.

Second, there are no proofs of a 4.7 million year old earth. The only thing scientists can cling to is radioactive dating and carbon dating. However, there are numerous, numerous problems with these dating techniques. For example, seals that were killed for testing have been carbon dated to be over 8,000 years old. Once again, go look up all the problems.
Also, there are many proofs of a young earth. The moon, which is said by scientists to have been "formed" not long after Earth, provides us with proof. The moon collects dust over time. This is a known fact. If the moon, and earth are as old as scientists claim, there would be over 20 feet of dust on the moon. Go look this up if you don't believe me about this fact. Also, radiohalos, which were discussed in the article, are a DEFINITE proof of a young Earth. There is no way around it. Other proofs consist of river delta formation, ocean dust formation, the fact that there has never been a proof of meteor craters anywhere excempt is earth's crust, the spin of the earth, earth's magnetic field, lunar isotopes, natural gas, and the nuclear gap at masses 5 and 8 for Hydrogen and Helium.

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Sep 29, 2011
Verifiable Evidence
by: Paul Pavao (webmaster)

I'm really never sure whether I ought to answer these when I'm notified about them, or whether I should let someone else answer them. Today I'll take an in between tack and answer just a couple things.

You say to look up the use of the word "day" in Genesis one, but if I do, I won't find what you say I'll find. Instead, I'll find that the word "day" is used of 24-hour days and of periods of time much longer than a day. I'll find that Christians argue a lot about whether the word means a 24-hour day or a time period in the context of Genesis one. I certainly won't just find a consistent answer that agrees with you.

The same is true for other things you mention. You say to look up a seal that was carbon dated as 8,000 years old even though it had just been killed. When I google that, however, what I find is a page full of virulently anti-evolutionist sites that can't agree on whether it's 8000 or 1300 years and whether it is a penguin or a seal that was so dated. Not surprisingly, none of them give a worthwhile source for the claim.

Sites do list an "Antarctic Journal," but a Google search yields only a movie and people's personal journals. It is apparent that none of these sites bothered to verify whether this is even a true story!

There is an "Antarctic Journal of the United States," which I know about now because I do better research than creationist sites. It is not a peer-reviewed journal, so it's reliability is limited, though it does appear to be a good scientific journal. On the other hand, a reference to "Antarctic Journal" on a creationist site does not mean that they are referring to this journal. Who knows what journal they're referring to? I'm sure they don't.

In the end, though, such "evidence" isn't reliable, anyway. Seals and most other underwater creatures (like mollusks) can only be properly carbon dated if their environment is known. Since they are not exposed to the current atmospheric ration of Carbon 14 to Carbon 12, it is impossible to date them with Carbon-14 dating.

Real scientists take these things into account. They would know that a seal has been eating things that live in the deep sea and are infused with CO2 that entered the ocean from the atmosphere thousands of years ago. They don't determine the age of the earth on that kind of faulty information.

In fact, they don't date the age of the earth with Carbon-14, anyway, which is only reliable back to about 50,000 years, and is only used with formerly living organisms, and only when the source of the carbon dioxide in the tissue is known.

So that's what I find when I "look up all the problems." I find that anti-evolutionists have only looked up a couple people who agree with them and pass rumors around. Looking things up is not going to back up the rumors you just tried to pass around on my site.

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