From an Honest Christian

by Liz

First of all, I would just like to say that I am not here to fire an "unanswerable argument" at you. In all honesty, I would sadly have to say that I agree with your point about Christians being dishonest in their arguments. This is because so many Creationists are looking for that "unanswerable argument-" just that one "magic bullet" to trip up any and every evolutionist. And sadly, so many Christians use dishonest means in a search for that argument--they lie, embellishing their arguments or matching the so-called "evidence" to fit the account of Creation as mentioned in the Bible.

But maybe it's time for a different approach.

Have you ever realized that both creationists and evolutionists each have their own presuppositions when entering a debate? Both look at evidence for the origins of the earth through the microscope that fits their presuppositions--for Christians, it's the Bible; for evolutionists, it's a glass labeled "Darwin."

Throughout history, Creationists have assumed that they have found Noah's Ark, based on some shreds of wood, or a handprint of a human in the same rock as a dinosaur fossil, even though it is very vague.

But evolutionists have done the same--they have put together skeletons of both apes and humans saying that they belong, or have drawn a whole "ape man" based on a pig's jawbone.

One thing must have happened--either creation or evolution. And since no one was there at the beginning of time, it is not fair to assume that the evidence fits one or the other if we are cutting it to fit a template. It is fair to examine the evidence in the light of our presuppositions, to see whether or not it fits; it is quite different, and unfair, to cut it to fit.

So both creationists and evolutionists must ask themselves: Is it really about an "unanswerable question" that disproves evolution once and for all? Or is it time for both parties to start being honest, examining both sides and "speaking the truth in love"? I think the latter.

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Sep 24, 2010
Bias and Paying Attention to Evidence
by: Paul

It is true that scientists are often biased. It is true that hoaxes have been perpetrated.

However, there is also evidence, and the evidence says evolution happened, completely apart from bias and hoaxes.

The difference is that young earth creationists are forced to be consistently dishonest and consistently close their eyes to the evidence, while science simply has their fair share of human bias and dishonesty.

It's important to remember that it is science that exposed the Piltdown man and Java man hoaxes, and it is other scientists that rejected the interpretation of the two teeth in the case of Nebraska man.

It did not take anti-evolutionists to expose these things because, in general, science operates from the evidence, not from the occasional rogue scientist that perpetrates a hoax.

Those who oppose evolution have to live daily with their eyes closed.

There is a difference; a big one.

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