Great Job !

by bob malcomb
(Deputy, Indiana)

My Christian friends believe I am a heritic because I believe in the Big Bang and Evolution.. It is a relief to see others who are bothered by all the "Lying for Jesus" going on. They are making millions and milions of dollars by telling Christians wheat they want to hear. They make them distrustful of science and everyone is SO confused.

I HATE the fancy wording where they dance around ideas and try to make it sound like mainstream scientists are now doubting evolution. I read a piece of literature from Rose Press this morning against evolution...

One correction for you---> Human DNA now has 4% neanderthal DNA. So you are behind on that development...

Great job ! Bob Malcomb

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Jul 18, 2011
Neanderthal DNA
by: Paul Pavao

I did read in Discover that now that they've sequenced Neanderthal DNA, the research team involved believes we have up to 4% of their DNA in our genome. It also added that there's a new species, similar (if I remember correctly) to Homo erectus that left DNA in a finger. They think we have some of that DNA, too.

I suspect those numbers will change over time. Scientists argue about how to compute those percentages, and there are always questions about whether there was Neanderthal-human mating or whether the DNA comes from a common ancestor.

But, yes, the Neanderthal DNA is news that I haven't caught up on yet.

As for making people distrustful of science, young earthers do what they do because they're scared. They've built a Christianity with a foundation that they know is not going to hold water as the evidence mounts, so they fight that evidence all the way.

Jesus said that you would know a true prophet by his fruit. Where's the fruit? In what church can you honestly say that "I am confident that he who has begun a good work in you will complete it until the day of Christ Jesus"?

The answer is basically none. Modern Christianity is a house of cards, ready to lose the last bit of credibility it has. There's a real foundation that is in a real experience of Jesus Christ and a real receiving of the Spirit of God. But that will only come when we preach a real Gospel with the same demands that Jesus made.

As long as we don't do that, then the result will be something pitiful that will be defended by deception and fear.

Sep 17, 2011
Corrected the DNA Issues Bob Mentioned
by: Paul Pavao (webmaster)

My comments about Neanderthal DNA were on my Human Evolution Timeline page. That is corrected now, and I have added very thorough pages on the Denisovans, whose DNA was sequenced, partially and imperfectly, from a pinky bone!

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