Man creates things from tools give to him. Man creates thing for need and want. Food is one of the things man changes for need and want. Man has the tools to does so only because of creation. What other life form in the world to or past has a reason to live, prosper and make a future. We survive longer only because we have the ability to do so.

Take man out of the picture, what is earth for and about? it is meaningless and pointless. It serves no purpose. Evolution cannot create a need or a want for life as man can not even change life as we know it to make it better and free of all thing bad. Man is the keeper of all life and controls life to his best ability for the needs of man. God has the ultimate control on all life.
God provides the personality of all life. Humans are the only life form that can have a twin or triplet or more that looks the same which evolution can not make happen nor can it give each and every one a different personality. Evolution is a fabrication of mankind for only one reason: to deny the creator of all.

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Sep 15, 2011
Here Here
by: Forgivenbadboy

Here Here
I agree....
the Black widow spider kills & eats her mate
after copulation,
if evolution were true, who's to say this isnt an OK practice & the order of things that it's the survival of the fittest & maybe even a practice that if we don't start doing, we will out run the earth capability to sustain human Life
& eventually very smart cockroaches will take over & start playing video games ;-) LOL

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