I'm a believer

by Theresa
(Hastings, Michigan, USA)

I believe in God. I believe in evolution. I believe in Jesus. I believe in what he taught us. Love is the only answer. Perhaps one may say 'lying for Jesus' to get peoples attention in order to make a point. It is truly fascinating to study evolution, after all, it is how things got started. We can all coexist on this planet. Life had to start somewhere, from something. Natural selection does really happen. There is too much proof to deny it.

For someone to use the statement that one lies for Jesus however is absurd. The article does not state how people lie for Jesus. There is no point to it. Only references to creatures that lived long ago. Jesus came and was a teacher of the truth. His one rule that he left us was to treat others as we would have them treat us. What does this have to do with dinosaurs? It is quite obvious that they evolved, as did man.

You can not disprove creationism. So, therefore, using a label such as 'lying for Jesus' is slander in and of itself. It can and will offend people.

Although it is not tangible, love does exist. It can be felt, shared, received. It is a gift from it's creator, Almighty God. All evolution does is explain the tangible, the things we see and touch. It does nothing to explain where love comes from, or even its alter ego, hate.

Therefore, my dear evolutionist, how do you explain where these intangible things come from? Jesus would never have us lie for him. He was all about the truth.

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Aug 14, 2013
Lying is lying
by: Paul Pavao (Webmaster)

Theresa, you wrote:

"You can not disprove creationism. So, therefore, using a label such as 'lying for Jesus' is slander in and of itself."

This statement is nonsensical. Even if it were true that creationism--which I'm supposing means anti-evolution and possibly a young earth--could not be disproven (which is not true), that would be utterly irrelevant to the label "lying for Jesus."

I gave very specific examples. I mentioned and referenced a misquote of Allan Feduccia. I mention and referenc a misquote, and then a second quite purposeful misquote of Colin Patterson when he tried to correct the first misquote. I mention and explain the circumstances of the false reports concerning Donald Johanson and his discovery of Lucy and an additional A. afarensis knee. The initial false report can perhaps be excused, but to have "scientists" repeat the false report for 20 years with no attempt to verify it *even with an internet search* is inexcusable and should be called lying by Christians.

You also wrote: "The article does not state how people lie for Jesus."

That is either a lie or you didn't read my article and pretended you did. Admittedly, the exact references are in the last half of the article, but they are detailed, referenced, and there are several of them. Before you levy an accusation like the one in your post, you should really verify that it's true.

This is exactly the kind of problem I am pointing out. Now you have done it. Now that I've pointed it out to you, I hope you won't repeat it.

You wrote: "It can and will offend people."

People who lie for Jesus should be offended. In person, a friend can help them through their offense and help them to see that slandering others when they should know better will bring the wrath of God upon them, especially when they are a propessional scientist who ought to know better.

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