John 1:1

It's sad to me that you are asking other Christians to prove to you that what the Bible says is true. But you are and so I present my case. 1 Peter 3:15, says we should be able to provide evidence for the hope we profess and that begins with what we believe about the first chapter of the book. You have mentioned many times that Jesus is the truth as He states in John 14:6. It is also true that He is the Word as stated 13 chapters before in John 1:1. A simple logic problem would be If Jesus is the truth and Jesus is the Word, then the Word is truth. The Bible being God's Word (aka Jesus), it is truth, whether my finite mind can understand it or not. My personal understanding and interpretation are meaningless to God. By asserting our own interpretations and dismissing what the Bible says puts us in a position of prideful rebellion against God and His Word. It also opens us up and those who listen to us to inserting our own interpretations to anything in the Bible so we can have it say whatever we want it to say. That happens on too many social issues already. We rely on what others say is true rather than on what God says is true. The evidence for evolution is the same. Your site is full of quotes from human beings to show proof of evolution, while any reference to the Bible seems only to dispute its validity and add your own interpretation of it. The Bible was written to guide us and allow us to get to know God, not for us to mold to our own beliefs or to bow to our level of understanding. Would you want someone reading your biography and dismissing amazing things you had done in your life simply because they couldn't believe you actually

did it or someone else who wasn't there said they could somehow prove you didn't?

Why am I a 'creationist'? Because Genesis 1 says that God created the world in a certain way and I believe it. If God had used evolution to create the world in 200 million years, I believe He would have had it written as such and I would believe that instead. Though we are not meant to be equal to God, we were meant to know Him and know our beginnings and be in communication with him. To know how valued and loved we are that He would create us in His image and not just leave us up to hopeful chance. I believe God is all-powerful, all-knowing and all-present. He did not need millions of years of trial and error to create the world. He knew exactly what He was doing and had a purpose to it.

I do take Genesis literally, as I do all the history books, the lives and accounts of the prophets, the gospels and the letters of the New Testament. I think God creating the world as He did is amazing! He is the first scientist. He knew the perfect balance of molecules needed for us to breath, how to make photosynthesis work and seeds grow, how to join two tiny cells to create a new being the exact same species as its parents. As I look at the world around me, i see an amazing God who created a perfect world for His perfect creation (Romans 1:20). Of course, that creation is now corrupted, but he will create it once more in the Second Coming.
But that's the bottom line for me. God said it, I believe it. That does it. I don't really care how humans interpret 'evidence', i see it in light of the Word of God and marvel at how awesome He is.

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Sep 23, 2013
Sin and Adam
by: Paul Pavao (Webmaster)

Sin and Adam is a much different subject, but one that has to be addressed once a person has looked at the science for evolution. It's a legitimate question. If the Garden of Eden is an allegorical story as opposed to a historical one, that affects our understanding of the Gospel.

I address all that at

Sep 23, 2013
Ignorance is bliss
by: Anonymous

So what is your belief about sin and Hell then? I'm not clear about whether you believe that the original act of disobedience of Adam and Eve is true or not. Do you believe that those who don't know Christ go to Hell?

I still see that you are relying more on what man has to say and their interpretations of the Bible than the Bible itself.

It's not really a question of time or whether people would believe evolution or not. It's just believing what the Bible says. If believing God's Word is considered ignorance then I am happy to live in the bliss of ignorance for all of eternity because that ignorance has brought me more joy, peace and healing than anything else and deserves my devoted praise and worship every second of my life. God challenged me in college, where I was a zoologymajor, to search out scripture and find where there was truth in the theories of evolution based on what He conveyed in His Word. Microevolution, yes. Macroevolution, no. He revealed amazing things to me about His creative work. It was nothing I found from human studies. It was all through Him. Proverbs 3:5

Sep 23, 2013
... continued
by: Paul Pavao (Webmaster)

Normally, I would not admonish those who close their eyes and hope against evidence that Genesis 1 means literal 24-hour days even though the sun and moon weren't created until the 4th day. They're ignorant, and they want to be that way. Why not let them?

Well, because they are not just adamantly ignorant about Genesis 1. They're ignorant about a lot of other things. Thus, they can write systematic theologies, taught in seminaries and published by major publishing companies, that explain a doctrine, then give 80 verses that "seem" to contradict what they just taught. (Real example from a soteriology chapter in a popular systematic theology.)

People like that refuse to learn. They chant "salvation by faith alone," then make up dozens of ridiculous arguments to answer Rom. 2:5-8; Gal. 5:19-21; Gal. 6:7-9; 1 Pet. 1:17; 2 Pet. 1:5-11; Rev. 3:4-5; and dozens of other similar verses. They refuse to look at what writers in the apostles' churches said about these passages, men who spoke the same language as the apostles, lived in their culture, were taught in their churches, and in two or three cases were taught by the apostles themselves. None of those people struggled with the apparent contradiction between Rom. 3:28 and Jam. 2:24. They knew exactly why both those verses were true.

But the same people who tightly shut their eyes to scientific evidence also tightly shut their eyes to their own history. They continue in division, regarding denominationalism as normal and in many cases excusing the unrighteous, promising them heaven without works, something the Bible never does.

So, you're welcome to choose ignorance. I can't.

Sep 23, 2013
Simply Choose What You Believe
by: Paul Pavao (Webmaster)

You are welcome to simply choose what you believe with or without evidence for it. You have that right, as does every human being.

A lot of us can't do that, though. We like to have evidence for what we believe.

I became a Christian because of an encounter with King Jesus back in 1982. Belief in him introduced me to God.

I quickly found out that Christians disagree on almost everything. They say, "Go home and read your Bible and see if what I am saying is true." If you do that, however, and disagree with the speaker, then in almost every case his answer is to tell you to go to a different church.

Since Jesus prayed for our unity and laid the belief of the world on that unity (Jn. 17:20-13), I saw this as a terrible situation. So I did everything I could to find out how the apostles, the only people sent by Jesus, meant for the Bible to interpreted.

Eventually, this let me find out what people with your attitude were hiding from me. They didn't want me to know that we have tons of writings from the days immediately after the apostles (see The wanted me to ignore those writings and listen to their interpretations of the Bible which constantly led to conflict with each other, with science, and with the writings of the early church.

They were people "addicted to arguments" (1 Tim. 6:4).

The early churches would have been fine with a belief in evolution because they interpreted the Hebrew Scriptures quite figuratively--and sometimes quite literally as well. Most thought the earth was around 6,000 years old, as did most Greeks and Romans. None, however, would have fretted a bit if they found out it was much older. In fact, I am quite certain they would have enjoyed learning the age of the earth as much as I have (and as much as most people do).

Origen was the greatest teacher of his day and he asked, "How could a person be so ignorant as to think that a tree made of wood and fruit masticated by human jaws could bestow eternal life or the knowledge of good and evil?" (paraphrased from memory).

Obviously, the church of his day (early 3rd century) had no problem with a figurative Genesis, though not all understood it that way. In later centuries, Origen was rejected as a heretic, but whom does that condemn? Origen, beloved by the church in his time, or those who condemned him, living in a later and much less holy age?

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