Over Population

Evolution and the Bible does not matter. Here is what really matters. In 1915 the world's population was just 1.8 Billion people. In 2009 the world's population was 6.8 Billion people. In the past 94 years the world's population has increased by 5 Billion people. That's only one lifetime. In 500 years that will be over 25 Billion people. If there is poverty, starvation, global warming and a hole in the ozone layer now, what do you think it will be like in 500 years? Save your generations from suffering a miserable and horrible end. And it will end by either a nuclear war or over population. Either way is going to be pure hell. Stop creating and if you have children tell them when they grow up not to create. God is forever, but we ain't.

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Oct 28, 2012
by: Graeme

Although I do genuinely believe that as a species we have some serious problems arriving on our doorstep due to overpopulation, not least due to our ability to feed more people and keep them alive and fairly healthy longer than ever before, I am not really sure of the relevance it has to the discussion.

Other than the idea that if we fail to act in some way to counter this very serious problem, natural selection will certainly do it for us as so eloquently stated above.

Apr 07, 2011
Hit and Run Poster
by: Paul Pavao

The guy (or girl) who posted the rant against overpopulation is the rough equivalent of a spammer. I get an email or a comment from that person, word for word exactly the same, every 2 or 3 months with no email address or name.

They won't read your reply.


Apr 06, 2011
Overpopulation has never been a problem
by: Anonymous

Back in the seventies, Paul Ehrlich wrote "The Population Bomb". It basically said that by the nineties, the Earth would be so overpopulated that the vast majority of the Earth's population would starve to death.
Guess what?
It didn't happen.
That's because Ehrlich made the same mistake you're making now. Humans an innovative beings. A hundred years ago, there's no way we could have afforded to feed 6.5 billion people, but we can now, because we're learning better and better ways to accommodate higher population. If we ever reach a point where we can't support ourselves, natural selection will take care of it.

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