Somthing out of nothing..

by James P. Wuest
(Elida, Ohio)

It's interesting that one who espouses evolution finds it a discredit intellectually that something could/would come out of nothing (Other than the mind/imagination of a Creator)..

Then why do they find it conceivable that lower life forms can supposedly make the transitions to higher life forms without proof? Why do they insist on calling theories facts?
Why do you not see unalterable facts of evolution regarding larger life forms? If we evolved from apes, why are there still apes? Why did some evolve and others did not? And what is it about an ape/primate that need's to be evolved? Why did we not retain their upper body strength. We de~evolved on that one I think. It's funny that the more we take the principles and ordinances of God out of society,the more society acts like animals in their quest for survival of the fittest in our society.....

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Apr 24, 2012
Answer to Christian
by: Paul Pavao (webmaster)

Dear Anonymous,

I've been doing this a long time. I am willing to have my judgment questioned and reconsider, but in the case of the Christian I answered, I'm certain I was correct. That person was not asking questions, but firing off statements (disguised as questions), hoping to cloud the air enough that no answers would be given and everything would seem doubtful. There was not the slightest interest in answers to the questions in that person's post.

Now you've picked up a couple of his questions, and you are asking sincerely (it seems). I don't mind answering sincere questions. I hope you will stay sincere--and honest--when you see the answers.

It is not true that the fossil record has nowhere near as many "examples of macro evolution" as it should. "Examples of macro evolution" is a somewhat meaningless term. Perhaps you mean transitional fossils, but there are plenty of those. In fact the lineage of man for the last 4 million years is so well-attested as to be "full" for all practical purposes. See the "Evolution of Man" button to the left. See also "Missing Links" for examples and a link to a much fuller page of transitional fossils.

As for quoting Darwin, he lived 150 years ago. We've found a lot of fossils since then.

As for how the first living cell occurred, you should try keeping up with current news. No, we don't have a definite non-life to life lineage right now, but the basics are falling into place well enough to make it relatively certain that scientists will nail down at least a likely explanation.

And, by the way, yes: Time, chance, and natural selection are smarter than scientists. Scientists are now getting wise and often borrowing nature's designs for things we're trying to do.

As for God being our Creator, I believe that, too! Honestly reading the Bible of nature, which we are commanded to pay heed to (Ps. 19; Rom. 1), does not drive a person from God unless he's been fed falsehoods about the literal nature of Genesis, as though God relied on Genesis being literal for the Gospel to be true.

Apr 17, 2012
Something out of nothing
by: Anonymous

Paul, your answer to the Christian was a bit harsh I think. His questions were logical. I've done lots of research over recent years and have the same questions BECAUSE your answers for many of these questions are not believable.
For example, the fossil record does have a few examples of macro evolution, but no where near as many as it should (according to Darwin anyway - he said "innumerable" examples.
Second, how did the first complete living cell occur? To point to a few amino acids isn't enough. Why can't brilliant scientists creat a simple living cell composed of DNA, RNA and proteins? Is time and chance smarter than our current scientists?
I hope I don't sound sarcastic. I'm really intellectually interested and curious. Because for me, after studying for about 2 years in my spare time, I actually came "back" to God as our creator.

Feb 07, 2012
god (somthing) is from nothing
by: Anonymous

if god created everything then what created god, and what created that...

Nov 09, 2011
Lots of Questions
by: Paul Pavao (webmaster)

That's a lot of questions, Mr. Wuest! But none of those are evidence for creation, nor are any difficult to answer.

Your first statement didn't make sense to me. Maybe you could reiterate.

You wrote:>>Why do they find it conceivable that lower life forms can supposedly make the transitions to higher life forms without proof?<<

"They" don't conceive that without evidence. That's the sort of question you do 5 minutes of research to begin to answer, then more if you're really interested in knowing. You can begin at I really didn't write an entire web site on the evidence so that someone who's never researched the subject, nor apparently even read this site can say, "Why do you believe this without proof?"

I have to assume you're a Christian. Surely you can see just how rude your question is when you've not even checked whether there is any proof, nor suggested any responses to any of the many evidences presented just on this site. Right?

You wrote:>>It's funny that the more we take the principles and ordinances of God out of society,the more society acts like animals in their quest for survival of the fittest in our society<<

This may or may not be true. I'm a Christian, so I certainly espouse Christian morals. It is, however, irrelevant to evolution.

Your other questions can either be googled, or they are--excuse me for saying it, but it's true--pointless.

Let me be to the point. How lazy are you? You couldn't click "evolution evidence" to the left, or one of the other buttons, and spend a few minutes learning what this site even says, before firing supercilious questions on a subject you already said you knew nothing about?

Love is not rude, said the apostle. People are not drawn to Christ by this type of behavior. It just makes them think Christians are scared of truth, which is too often true.

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