The discovery of Evolution or Creation

by Neville Fowler
(Sandstone Point, Queensland, Australia)

God removed the bone of Adam to create Eve.

What did God do with a bone, marrow and all that DNA?
The process of creation is laid down with this statement in the Bible and poses the next set of questions which evolutionist will try to avoid like a plague.
Did Moses see the evolution of man by God from tiny single cell organisms?
Has Science discovered Evolution or Creation as hinted at by Moses?
Then the only difference between Evolution and Creation is TIME.
The Time is NOT of the UNIVERSE but only the SOLAR SYSTEM that can support life on Earth.
The BIG Bang is therefore totally irrelvant to the existance of a God and creation.
The sun exports fuel at such a high rate that it would be too huge even 1 million years ago for life to exist on Earth.
DNA scientists state we all come from a single Mother some 10,000 years ag.
There is only about 10,000 years of Cosmic dust on the Moon.
There is only about 11,000 years of human history.
The evidence goes on and on, all from science disciplines.
The Creation is about living things and man the most important element.
Science uses Intelligence to do their DNA marvels.
Why do Evolutionists deny they have discovered the science of an Intelligent Creation and HIS use of DNA?

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Aug 26, 2014
Are questions arguments?
by: Paul (Webmaster)

Maybe you could ask one question at a time. I doubt anyone has time to want to answer so many questions at once.

I suspect, though, that you think that because you have so many questions, they constitute a powerful argument. Questions aren't arguments. None of your questions are rhetorical; all of them have answers.

Maybe one of the strongest arguments against anti-evolution--not creation; I believe in God, the Father of Jesus and Creator of everything, too--is that anti-evolutionists love to ask questions, but hate getting them answered. Not very indicative of a group of people that appreciate the truth.

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