This is my best argument FOR evolution NOT against. If I may!

by Hugh Man
(Next Door)

How many times has life evolved or sprang up on this planet alone?

Have you heard of the deep volcanic ocean vents with life all around them? Have you heard that there may be another vent miles away with life also except not related to any other?

Have you seen the red tubeworms with blood hemoglobins identical to ours that are near these vents?

Hmmm... Does this not beg the question, if there is even an absolutely uninhabitable place even it seems there is life?
When this life so-called evolves it does so in a parallel way to another? WOW!!

I know that people think they are saving you if they get you to believe in creation and this I feel is misguided.
I am who I am and my soul is eternal but my body is like a vapor according to proverbs.

The universe in its entirety is also like a vapor so why even care?!

God is spiritual not material... thank God! If God was not then God would also be temporary.

There it is.
God exists where there is no time there is no past and future.
Only the present.
You go into a coma for 15 years you wake up and look in the mirror. Your spirit notices your body has aged and maybe your hair has turned gray. But wait it seems instant as though when you sleep you wake up as though time was not there?

Too simple? Love one another while you have the chance and do it out of duty take NO credit! Then you will get to know the real God and not worship his garments or likeness.
Don't live then die only to find out... YOU WERE IN HEAVEN!!
Oh I feel sorry for some people. Religion I am afraid is like a person calling on the phone to talk about the phone. Spend hours talking about how you have no time to talk.

You are a brave person. You have opened your mind and God can know you and you can know God. Congratulations!!

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Mar 07, 2013
Life springs up?
by: bookhitter

Life has never been observed rising up from anything or anywhere on this planet. All life that is in existence has been birthed, or cell divisions, into the world from another organism. What you re-iterating is materialistic dogma.

Have you noticed that what science claims to have happened concerning beginnings of life and the appearance of new genera of organisms has never been observed? That is, abiogenesis, whatever form it takes, and the beginnings of new genera of organisms happened so long ago that no human was alive to witness it, very convenient! You have been doped, from the moment you started watching cartoons, into accepting materialistic garbage. Stop falling for it!

Oct 19, 2012
by: Anonymous

Even the simplest life forms have complex information in their cells. Yes life wants to spring up even in the deepest ocean tunnels, and that is because this planet is seeded with living cells and an environment suited for it.
Oour universe, galaxy, planet and rules like gravity have all been put together for us! Once you truly grasp that truth, every day we have on this planet is a wonder outs gift! And top that off with a loving God who died for our imperfections, and I get goose bumps and am in awe of our God's love for us. My goal is to love others because our Creator is asking us to. And with His help, some days I even accomplish my goal.

God bless you.

John castino

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