What if?

by James Phillip Wuest
(Elida, Ohio)

Let me say first that I am a man with no distinctive education to give myself any credibility at all for any type of argument with any merit regarding this subject(Evolution). However what I'm expected to believe is that billions of years ago (How was that number figured out specifically)? energy~time ~space & matter coagulated into such a dense state of matter that it exploded. Out of this random explosion came (over some unfathomable number or guess~timation) came order and life?

So if I took a watch and tore it up into a hundred pieces and put it in a shoe box, then shook it for a millions years or more, I could expect it to be reassembled and in perfect working order when I took it out of the shoe box? How did energy time space & matter get here in the first place? All to often I've read numerous scientist admit that the evidence supporting evolution is vague, but that the alternative is unthinkable. You cannot really prove evolution without question and science cannot disprove the word of God (Not the job of science)...So there lies a very interesting dilemma.
I am not challenged to disprove evolution, because I am already convinced that God is sovereign based on my subjective faith which is conclusive to me regarding my personal relationship with God's personal revelation....Never shall the twain meet.

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