Why new species?

by Dave

Every year I hear of thousands of new species being discovered. But I never hear of any species being found to evolve from another. You would think that over the millions of years that there have been new species coming into being there would be at least one instance of the transformation. You make a good argument on your timelines but each is a different species with no evidence that it was created from the last. Who's to say that each didn't just die off and God created another. I believe that God was having such a great time creating he has never stopped. I have tried to look at the whole argument for evolution but the problem I have is that something had to be created in the beginning. God created us in his own image and we ate of the tree of knowledge. Man then becomes intelligent and soon learns that he too is able to create. Our progress has come from basic tools to the laptop I am writing on. I would think anyone seeing this device a few thousand years ago would think of us as gods. If we continue to progress as we are our future generations might look like gods to us. We continue to create as I believe God does but nothing we create evolves into something else without our help. This might sound simplistic but I would think this to be true of God's creations as well.

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May 01, 2012
Just Not True
by: Paul Pavao (webmaster)

Dave and John,

I'm not sure what I have to say. What you're saying is just not true. The Missing Links page, which can be accessed with a button on the NavBar, discusses this and gives a link to talkorigins.org where examples of intermediates are abundant.

And John, hundreds of million years may perhaps produce "trillions" of intermediates, but do you really expect even a hundred thousand scientists over 200 years to find a trillion fossils???

There are millions. If after millions, you're both saying there's none, then you would say there's none even if a trillion were found.

May 01, 2012
Fossil record
by: Dave

Darwin himself said the proof will be in the fossil record. The fossil record has not produced one piece of evidence that one species has turned into another. God is the creator and we are made in his image. I guess this is why we create things all the time including this laptop that I am typing on. Everything about today would be well beyond the comprehension of our ancestors. In due time we will be far more advanced then we are today. God has been around forever so I would assume that anything is possible with him. I do not understand why this is so hard to believe with some people.

Apr 30, 2012
Too few intermediary fossils
by: John USA

Paul, there just aren't enough intermediary fossils between kinds. I know you can name a few but, there should be trillions of them 99% of the fossils should be between kinds.

There is no way - I am as certain as I can be, that Macro evolution from one kind to another did not occur. Too much stasis in the fosil record as well. The evidence doesnt support it. And natural selection isnt a thinking power. The life force came from God.
However, I do Not believe in. Young,earth - yet anyway. I am still studying the issue but the evidence seems to lead to old earth.
Thanks for allowing me a forum to express my,thoughts.

Jun 03, 2011
Why New Species?
by: Paul Pavao

So basically you're conceding that there's a progress of life over time. That's good because that's really undeniable.

Your theory, however, is that this happened because God is continually creating new species.

Scientific theory is that this happens by mutation (which produces modifications) and chance/natural selection (which eliminates some and keeps others).

We have observed that mutation and natural selection have produced new species (http://www.talkorigins.org/faqs/faq-transitional.html and see "Missing Links" on this site). No one has ever observed God producing a new species.

Also, even if God produced a new species, isn't it possible or even likely that he would use the process of mutation and selection to create it?

For those of us that are Christians and who believe God is creator, science is the study of God's creation. When we see evidence that evolution produces new species and that life evolved from one or a few common ancestors, then we rejoice that we are discovering something about how God creates new species.

So, in my eyes, you are not offering a competing idea. I already think that God is creating new species. However, he told us to look at the creation to learn something about him (Ps. 19 and Rom. 1), and creation indicates that he slowly produced these new species through evolution, not that they suddenly pop out of nowhere or that he shapes everyone new from dirt.

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